about the webmaster

i am a boy without a gender, who has all the genders and none of the genders. i also love all of the genders and none of the genders. if you were to describe this in layman's terms (as laymanny as my identity can get, at least), i am a bi aroacespec genderless demineoboy. i am also alterhuman, proudly queer and an anarcho-syndicalist. :)

i consider my name to be of little importance, but if you truly must know, you can call me nicolas. did i choose this name, or did this name choose me? i suppose that's your decision...

as you can probably tell just from looking at this website, i love computers very much. in particular, i love older computers that run legacy windows operating systems--but truly, any computer that comes into my life i grow fond of in one way or another. from big clunky desktops with big clunky CRT monitors to teensy, charming netbooks, i don't discriminate and give all of them so many hugs.

i hope to someday own a large collection of computers, retro and modern; in fact, i've already begun my collection, which currently consists of my HP PC (my main one), my disney asus, and my toshiba satellite. next on this list is some laptop with decent specs that i am getting to use as a secondary PC.

my favorite legacy OS is windows xp, followed by 9x, 2k, 7, and vista. i have impossible amounts of love for them all, though... as for what operating system i tend to use, though, my main computer runs linux mint 21.2. occassionally though, i like to use my disney asus which runs windows xp. sadly it's unusable for regular browsing, but for editing and looking at basic html sites (such as those on neocities), it works just fine. :) the toshiba satellite i mentioned earlier is dualbooting linux mint 19 and windows 7, and my secondary PC will likely run windows 10 or 11.

i'm autistic which likely explains why i'm attached to computers on such a deep level. i see it as no detriment to me though, even if there may be some struggles; it's just who i am and i'm OK with that, dare i say proud...

i hope you have fun browsing my little site. it's perpetually under construction...

actually, since you're here, here's a button if you'd like to link back to my site (just please don't hotlink!):

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