other sites

here is a collection of sites i like! you can check them out if the descriptions interest you.

88x31 web button maker - a helpful webprogram for making buttons.
the magic button - make everything OK.
luckless heaven - a website showcasing nintendo consoles, their variations, and their accessories. includes lesser-known, non-retail devices.
gifcities - a search engine for gifs on old geocities websites by the internet archive.
vg resource - a resource site (and forum!) for all sorts of video games, including models, sprites, textures and the like.
gbatemp - a gaming forum with a focus on things like modding and romhacks.
the cutting room floor - a mediawiki site which documents video game development, from early builds to leftover cut content.
wiby - a search engine for the old web.
cobalt - download audio or video from the web without any ads, trackers, or other such things.